September 5, 2008

Google Chrome - The Future of Web Browsing?

I can't remember the date but I can remember that one American journalist who witnessed the first Bruce Springsteen concert went back and wrote "I saw the future of rock and roll..."

So am I seeing the future of web browsing in the form of Google Chrome? As I write this, it's day three since I downloaded this beta version of Chrome and to my delight this baby sure can fly!

If you scout the Internet, you will probably get the impression that a gadzillion of browser users have downloaded and tried out Chrome and the feedback is that most agreed that this one moves in the fast lane.

Google use the same webkit as Apple's Safari browser and that says a lot about its speed. We all like fast loading browsers and Chrome definitely showed us what it can do. Chrome is an open source browser like Mozilla Firefox.

Chrome comes with some nifty features like Incognito that allows you to browse the web while staying under the radar - Goog do not keep tabs on your movements or clicking habits. The History feature shows you all the sites that you have visited and it allows you to delete any site from the list. Bookmarking looks like a breeze to use, too.

While there are many bouquets for Chrome, there are bound to be brickbats as well. There's one report that says Google's new browser has many technical issues that need to be addressed. Also, Google is working to disable a problematic security flaw in the software.

Many ardent Firefox users may argue that they will miss their plug-ins and add-ons if they were to switch to Chrome, but they forget that it's still beta and knowing Google with their great resources, who knows what the Mountain View giant can do to improve on Chrome.

Although Chrome has yet to prove itself as a revolutionary web browser, the beta version shows great promise. What more, when it sheds off its beta shell we might be seeing a truly cutting edge browser. That will be the day.

Take a peep at this video:

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