May 15, 2010

Taiwan's Singing Wonder Lin Lands Sony Music Record Deal

What have Lin Yu Chun and Susan Boyle both got in common? Well, both have won fame for being singing sensations.

Now Taiwan's singing wonder Lin has signed a major worldwide record deal with Sony Music Entertainment on May 13, thus joining the Scottish spinster in the same record company.

Lin, also popularly known as "Little Fatty", will release his debut album in July this year, according to an AFP report. The album will contain songs in Chinese and English.

Sony Music did not confirm whether 'I Will Always Love You' would be added to his new album or not.

Lin instantly gained worldwide repute due to his rendition of Whitney Houston's "I will Always Love You" after it got featured on YouTube.

The YouTube video clip went viral and attracted more than 10 million viewers on the Internet.

The chubby 24-year-old singer with the Beatles-style hairdo was first spotted on a Taiwan reality show called "Avenue to Stardom". Surely, Lin was on the right track!

Just like the 49-year-old Boyle who was discovered on "Britain's Got Talent" reality show and who released a best-selling album in 2009, Lin rode on his publicity and made his presence felt on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" while on a tour of the US.

Like Boyle, Lin too failed to win in the talent show. On his appearance, Lin was quoted as saying: “In order to get success, one does not have to be good-looking and smart. What is required is being yourself and try your best”.

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