February 23, 2007

Face-Off Between Google And Microsoft?

Google have launched their Apps Premier Edition and it's going to be a face-off with Microsoft's well-known Office software and their Office Live services.

Google Apps combines a number of applications like Gmail and Docs & Spreadsheets into one place that anyone with a web browser can reach.

It looks like at last consumers may choose an alternative to Microsoft's long stranglehold on online applications.

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If you have been seeing some funky behaviour in the Google search results...like keyword positioning fluctuation that's sudden and brief, should you panic or not?

Was Google carrying out an algorithm update or was it just a "data refresh"? Strange, isn't it to see so-called authority sites slip from top positions for a short spell and then bounced back to normal.


February 10, 2007

How Vista Could Trip Google And Yahoo

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Microsoft Vista could pose a serious problem for Google and Yahoo. The recent global launch of Vista could also pose a new challenge for advertisers.

These are revelations that emerged from the recent ad:tech conference in Sydney. Rick Bruner, who heads internet search advertising specialist DoubleClick, warns that Vista has an inbuilt search facility that enables users to bypass popular search engines. Advertisers could find themselves being bypassed, too.

The other prediction was that amateur video and blogs would become long-term investment channels for advertisers. There is a future for the New Media despite being dubbed as "fundamentally disruptive" by some quarters.

February 3, 2007

Pottermania Returns: A "Deathly" Tale

J. K. Rowling's highly anticipated seventh title "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" has started another round of Pottermania. The release announcement came from the official Harry Porter website.

Amazon.com has registered record advance sales of the heavily discounted book expected to be released on July 21. First day sales have shot "Deathly Hallows" past book six's record of being the fastest selling book of all time.

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," the sixth book in the boy wizard series, was released in July 2005 and sold 6.9 million copies in its first day on sale at U.S. retailers.

According to Amazon.com, hundreds of thousands of customers had signed up for e-mail notices announcing pre-order availability. Retail sales for the seventh edition are set to hit a magical figure when the book is released.

this would be Rowling's last book of the series.

This time it is believed that two of the major characters in the series would be killed off. Speculations are rife that Harry Potter could be one of them.

How would the huge audience of Potter fans all over the world feel? That would be very, very depressing for a lot of young fans who have come to adore their fantasy hero. However, according to some reports, savvy book retailers are arranging for "counselling" to young fans who might experience "Potter depression."

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