January 10, 2007

And Now Yahoo Buy MyBlogLog

Social networking was the main talking point last year with the acquisitions of MySpace by Rupert Murdoch and YouTube by Google. It looks like it's not going to end there.

Yahoo continues the acquisition story with the announcement on Jan 8 that it has bought the popular community site
MyBlogLog. Yahoo's latest purchase followed a strings of acquisitions of other social networking sites that includes Del.icio.us, Flickr and Upcoming.

MyBlogLog, founded in 2005, enables registered users to form communities and provide them with online tools to create a profile and associate it with their blogs.

"If blogging was originally about building a community and having a conversation with people in that community, then MyBlogLog provides the missing link that makes those connections more real," Chad Dickerson, senior director of Yahoo Developer Network, said in a company blog announcing the deal.

> The jig is up - MyBlogLog joins Yahoo!

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