May 5, 2007

This Spider Venom Could Lift Your Sex Life

Forget viagra or cialis. If Brazilian and American scientists have their way with this spider venom, your sex life will be rejuvenated to new heights.

These researchers, according to a BBC report, have investigated reports that men bitten by the Phoneutria nigriventer - or the Brazilian wandering spider in simple language - experienced priapism.

And what's does that mean? Well, to cut a long story short, it's simply a long and painful erection.

But don't get sex-cited too soon because, apart from giving a man a new lease of sex life, the venom can be deadly, too, in some cases.

As they say, in this world nothing comes free. But there's no harm in finding out more about this new revelation.


Mike Perry said...

Interesting - but the word 'painful' didn't do a lot for me!

Markk said...

> Mike: Neither do I!

lilyruth said...

LOL I wish I could get some of that venon and give it to a special someone pain or no pain. LOL "Pain and erect or No pain and Reject" ha ha ha ha ha ho hjoo ho ho. Im laughing to myself. see you.


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