June 1, 2010

Global outcry over Israeli raid on Gaza aid ships

The deadly Israeli raid Monday on a convoy of Gaza aid ships in which at least 10 people were reported killed has sparked global shock and outrage.

The fallout from the bloody ending to the high-profile Freedom Flotilla aid mission to blockaded Gaza is heaping worldwide condemnation on Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cut short his visit to Washington as Tel Aviv scrambled to contain the fallout.

According to AFP report, most of the dead were Turkish.

Turkey, once Israel's closest Muslim ally, has recalled its ambassador and frozen military ties with the Jewish state.

United Nation chief Ban Ki-moon was "shocked" by the Israeli assault on the convoy which was carrying hundreds of pro-Palestinia activists through international waters.

Latest reports say the Freedom Flotilla has been directed to the port of Ashdod and more than 80 activists had been arrested.

The convoy was carrying more than 700 passengers who were on a mission to deliver aid to Gaza which had been under an Israeli blockade since 2007.

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