July 1, 2010

Actress Gong Li and husband divorce

China's most famous actress, Gong Li, has divorced her Singaporean husband after 14 years of marriage, with speculation that she may return to China. 

Gong, 44, renounced her Chinese citizenship and became a Singaporean in 2008 causing widespread dismay in China.

The actress was married in 1996 to Singaporean Ooi Hoe Seong, the former chief executive in Asia of British American Tobacco. The couple are rarely seen in public and it is not known whether they have any children.

A Chinese newspaper, the Soutern Metropolis Entertainment Weekly, has reportedly confirmed through her agent, Zeng Jingchao, that the couple have now divorced.

According to some media reports, there have been speculation that the Chinese actress may have become romantically attached to American actor John Cusack who co-starred with her in a recent film.

Gong Li shot to fame in a series of films directed by Zhang Yimou in the 1990s, including "Red Sorghum", "Raise the Red Lantern" and the Hollywood film "Memoirs of a Geisha".

She was heavily criticised, however, for ending Zhang's marriage with a subsequent affair. - MM

Curse of the Golden Flower    Raise the Red Lantern (MGM World Films)

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