October 6, 2006

Is The Grass Greener This Side of Blogger?

Sometimes we wondered whether the grass is greener on the other side. Same thing here when one contemplates on switching camp. . .and I did just that today by packing up and moving from the old Blogger to Blogger Beta. That explains why this blogsite looks so unfamiliar if you had been to my previous abode.

Now, here's the bad news...the grass isn't that greener this side of blog heaven!

To my horror, most of my input - Google Adsense, RSS/Atom feed buttons, Amazon ads, and other paraphernalia that most visitors don't care two hoots about (they don't click 'em!) - seem to have vanished into thin air.

Just think how much efforts were put in to set up the blog, and now it's zilch. Kaboom! It's all gone to that big blog in the sky.

Would I go back to the old blog? No, I'm gonna stick this one out and see whether the Blogger folks sweat it out to bring stability and order to their realm.

Being the nosy kind of bloghound, I went to the forum for Bloggers to snoop around. Yada, yada, the confusion, frustration and constipation building up there was mind-boggling.

People were getting lost in the new environment. Fonts and colors were not responding. Add and arrange page elements by clicking and dragging but nothing seems to move. One poor soul was asking for direction to go to "layout." And yada, yada!

I needed some fresh air. I took a break and went shopping, making a point to grab some Panadols.

[Several hours later]

P/S. I'm back at my trusty PC...signed in to my blog...and voila, good news! It seems Blogger Beta has got its mojo working. I'm delighted but it's getting late and I need some rest. I'll be back tomorrow and see how much damage control I can achieve. Ta.

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Anonymous said...

huh.. amazing style :))


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