October 28, 2006

Serving Up A Google Hurricane

Looks like Google is never out of the news. After the celebrated marriage with YouTube, the Mountain View kingpin is believed to be cooking up something big again.

The rumour mill is getting the adrenalin flowing. So, what's cooking?

According to WebProNews, there's gonna be a hurricane (Not Katrina, again) swirling right up by Monday. They got wind of this from DM News associate editor Giselle Abramovich.

According to her, Google is set for a corporate restructuring and are about to launch an Adsense for Audio service.

For those who envisage the coming of the online video age, this has got to be huge. And that's the main reason for the sensational Google/YouTube marriage.

Think of this as a recipe that includes podcasts, streaming media like YouTube, MP3 player, radio and TV plus a few other new media technologies...and throw in Adsense for Audio for good measure, what do you get?

Voila, a Google Goodie Dish, of course!

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> WebProNews: Google to restructure

> Blog.dmnews.com: Rumour has it...

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