August 18, 2009

Another Bolt Of Lightning Shatters The World Record!

Some say Usain Bolt is not from this planet. This guy is out of this world. He is da man to beat. Yet again, like a bolt of lightning, he strikes again.

His astounding 100 metres dash in just 9.58 seconds took the breath out of everyone in Berlin on Sunday, smashing his own world record to smithereens.

Bolt, the fastest man on earth, shaved 0.11 seconds off his 9.69 mark he set when he won gold at the Beijing Olympics a year ago.

It was simply astonishing that Bolt has gone where no man has ever gone before - into the time zone undreamed of before he appeared on the international track scene.

The last time a single performance that completely changed perceptions of human capabilities was when American Bob Beamon smashed the world long jump record at the Mexico Olympics in 1968.

And by the way, where was American Tyson Gay who promised he would "shock the world" by upstaging the Jamaican?

Oh yes, Gay, the 2007 world champion, did run the race of his life to finish second in 9.71, the third fastest time ever. Bolt's countryman, Asafa Powell came in third in 9.84.

And how did the 22-year-old Bolt feel about his astonishing run?

"I got a pretty good start, I was there at 20 metres and that was it," the triple Olympic gold sprint medalist told Reuters.

Now the big question everyone will be asking is: Will Bolt be able to crack his new world record in some future race?

Take it from the man who had said before the race that victory would move him one step nearer to "legend" status: "Now I plan to do even better in the future."

Wow, this guy is awesome! His favourite drink must be rocket fuel!

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