December 19, 2006

Hot Diggity Digg!

As they would say, things are coming out of the woodwork. But they don't have to be the wiggly types. That's the happening now at Digg. It sounds good for Digg-ers.

The user-driven social content website...ok, the technology focused news site where stories are picked by Digg (community) members are just about ready with their new interface design.

According to Digg-er Kevin Rose in his post on the
Digg blog, they are digging out "tons of new features" to share with fellow Digg-ers.

Among the dug-up items to come your way are:

  • Flexible layout on screen (good news for those with large monitors)
  • Quick switching between sections (navigation becomes a breeze)
  • Quick view of the top 10 hottest stories on Digg, dated in real time (that's moving stories in the fast lane)
  • Added cool features include Digg video previews and Top 10 hottest videos (simply click the play icon)
  • Digg your favourite podcast series and individual podcast episodes (yes, you can share all this with your friends)

    P.S. is among the top 100 sites on the web — in any category — according to Amazon's Alexa metrics.

2 comments: said...

Great blog, I will come more often.

Airsoft King

Tony T said...

Geez! Keep on Digg-ing. Like your style.


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