December 7, 2006

It's Not Working, Mr President!

It's that time of year to rejoice as Christmas Day is just around the corner. Yuletide will be celebrated in most parts of the world. Families will be planning a get-together for holiday fun. There'll be plenty of gifts but...

It's also a time to remember all those who are suffering in Iraq where we still have that wretched war going on. Not a day passes by without news of despair and horror.

A high-level 142-page Iraq Study Group Report, now out, recommended that President Bush's policy in Iraq "is not working" and urged the US to stabilize the country diplomatically.

Co-chairman of the bipartisan panel, former US Secretary of State James Baker, was reported as saying that "a strategy of staying the course in Iraq was no longer viable."

In a nutshell, the gloomy report says:

  • There's "no magic formula" to solve the problems
  • Americans cannot win the war themselves
More than 2,900 U.S. troops had lost their lives in the nearly four-year war after toppling Saddam Hussein.

However, the Christmas spirit lives on and this bloghound
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