March 26, 2007

Oh Dear, This Is A Dog's Life!

Oh well, this is not news.

Just some inconsequential ramblings about life writing an eclectic news blog as an unpaid newshound. Not to mention, there are two other personal blogs to take care of while I go about my business.

I've got a funny feeling that watching the World Wide Web spinning around might be like spinning a yarn that has no end to it.

In other words, I'm a little short of breath doing this darn thing. It's a dog's life, if you asked me.

Maybe chasing rabbits might be easier and more fun.

Has this bloghound been barking up the wrong tree? Taking on more than he could chew? With this blog?

Oh yeah, some bloggers like to rave about their faves. Others prefer to apply different laws of attraction to their blogs. Like they say, it's different folks, different strokes.

But I must say I have encountered a lot of bloggers who are nice and charming folks, dishing out good advice and other tid-bits. Some are awesome in their blogging and some are inspiring.

And some don't seem to get much sleep at all!

Like they say, it's the Freedom of the Blogosphere. You put in what you have to put in. And it goes out into Blogosphere for all to see.

Well, I could keep going...doggedly if I have to...


kellypea said...

My thoughts exactly on several levels. But not a day goes by that I don't learn something. I'll have the thinnest brain in the blogosphere.

diogenes said...

Thanks or adding me in favs. You are also in my Technorati Favs.

sexy mom said...

i will follow your doggedly posts...


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