March 21, 2007

Doggone It! Here Come Snoopy Dogs Lucky And Flo

Watch out when you see two black Labrador Retrievers poking their noses here and there in your shop.

The real crunch comes when these two dogs sit down and wag their tails.

It may not turn out to be a friendly canine gesture. More likely they are pointing their paws at you - that they have found something suspicious.

True enough, Lucky and Flo had sniffed out 10 million Malaysian ringgit in fake optical discs at a shopping complex in the southern Malaysian city of Johor Baru on Tuesday, according to a report by the English-language newspaper New Straits Times (NST). Johor Baru is just north of the island state of Singapore.

The two sniffer dogs from Northern Ireland are presently on a month-long working trip to Malaysia.

They became an instant hit when they made the biggest pirated optical discs bust of the year on their very first official assignment in the country.

The fake discs were meant to be exported to Singapore, Britain, Hong Kong and Japan.The NST, quoting enforcement officers, reported that the syndicate "is probably one of the biggest in the country." It had been very active shipping out discs worldwide.

(Although proud of their achievement, this WiredHound feels it's being outdone by Lucky and Flo when it comes down to the real nose job)

Lucky and Flo are trained to be the first canines in the world to sniff out discs. They can detect polycarbonate and other chemicals used in the production of optical discs.


Latest - Just got wind of the news from another newshound today: Just like a Mafia movie, it's believed that a contract is out on sniffers Lucky and Flo. Now, several guards have been assigned to protect our two canine heroes who have got the pirates all worked up.

For the record: Lucky and Flo are not the first dogs to have attracted a bounty on them. A Colombian drug cartel placed a $10,000 USD bounty on a golden Labrador Retriever named Agata in 2004. Agata was one of Colombia's best drug-sniffing dogs.

Agata had tracked down 300kg of cocaine and 20kg of heroin since she began her sniffing career in 2003.
Photo credit: NST

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