March 6, 2007

USA Today - Expanding A Journalistic Mission

September 15, 1982 - that was a momentous day for Allen H. Neubarth.

His Gannett Company had just launched USA Today, America's first national daily newspaper and also the first satellite-delivered full-color American daily.

It was a high-stake venture for founder Neubarth, a man who is well-known for his never-say-die competitive spirit. It was his dream come true.

March 2, 2007 - USA Today launched a new-look website that's hyped as an expansion of the newpaper's journalistic mission that "we set for ourselves nearly 25 years ago when the newspaper first launched."

In a note to the readers, Editor Ken Paulson wrote on the new website:

In many ways, it's an extension of the mission we set for ourselves nearly 25 years ago, but it is a mission recast for an era in which readers increasingly have the power to monitor many different sources of information at once; to more quickly assess the credibility of those sources; and to share their reactions with a wide audience."

One of the main aspects coming out of this launch is the new Community Center blog that's slated to become "a hub for network journalism activity on the site."

How are reactions to the new site? As with most new things, there are always the pros and cons. Initial previews from Web media analysts were generally positive but since its launch early comments coming to the USA site were mostly negative.

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