June 20, 2007

Can Jerry Yang Turn Around Troubled Yahoo?

Jerry Yang: Taking the reins

Come to think of it, people don't "yahoo" for something on the Internet, instead they "google" for something on the Net.

That just about sums up why Yahoo is playing second fiddle to Google.

That's why Yahoo chief executive
Terry Semel has been axed for not being able to take the company, founded by Jerry Yang and fellow-student David Filo 13 years ago, to the next level.

So now former Stanford University undergraduate student Jerry is taking over as CEO.
The company has a reported turnover of $3.2b.

It has 12,000 employees on its payroll and its Internet portal attracts more than 500 million users.

But still, Yahoo is just an also-ran compared to Google, the market leader with sales that's 50% higher and its profits four times that of its older rival.

Semel: Dismissed

Where Semel has failed thus far, the question being asked in the industry is: Can the 38-year-old Yang pull all the stops and revitalize Yahoo?

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(An analysis by Tim Webber, Business editor, BBC News website)

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