June 29, 2007

Have You Got One Yet? I Mean The Apple iPhone!

This is what every Apple aficionado is looking forward to - the iPhone which went on sale initially in the U.S. on Friday (June 29).

What's so great about the iPhone that people would want to cough up $499USD for this much-hyped gadget? By now most of you would know that this device has all the bells and whistles you would want in your mobile phone.

Here are some of the main features: it's a quad-band mobile phone, has 4 to 8GB of memory depending on which model you go for, has internet access, an MP3 music player, a 2 megapixel digital camera, and more.

The iPhone is not a cheapo gadget just like most of Apple's products. But you can give a hat tip to Steve Jobs for his usual flair in selling Apple's stuff.

The best news related to the iPhone launch is that every Apple employee with more than one year's service in the company will get one free.

The iPhone will only go on sale in Europe later this year. Apple said they expected to sell more than 10 million iPhones by next year when it hit the Asian market.

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