June 14, 2007

Watch It Bush! Now You See It, Now You Don't!

Clipping from NST,

President George W. Bush was certainly delighted by the tumultuous welcome he received from the Albanians on his visit to Tirana on Sunday. There was no stopping him glad-handing the joyous crowd in the Albanian capital.

As the crowd bustled about excitingly, even the most powerful man in the world has to keep a watch on his watch. As this photo sequence shows in this newspaper clipping from the New Straits Times, it was a case of Bush's watch going, going, and gone!

Did it really happen? I mean, did someone artfully removed his expensive watch?

Why not watch this video news clip from Reuters for the answer...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, that's a good one about bushwhacked Bush. Almost made my day.


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