August 2, 2008

Now You Can Say They Are Truly Delicious

It's about time, too. Wonder why it took this social bookmarking service so long to make their site "the tastiest bookmarks on the web"? At last, users can truly say that it's NOW Delicious -- and NOT

We couldn't remember how to spell the word when it was interspersed with a couple of dots. It was so confusing that a gadzillion of users have misspelt it over the years. Try "" or "" or "" and everyone ends up banging heads.

Well, it was a clever play of the word but in the end it was an idea that was just not on.

Thank goodness, the delightful folks at (that's in plain English now) have wised up to the situation and they have done a lot of background work to give us a new-look web site and some new features while retaining the uniform blue throughout.
has an updated user interface, overhauled its search engine to make it faster and more powerful, and moved its new infrastructure to a new platform to keep up with traffic growth.

Now it shouldn't be a problem for you to key in the word and get to the site.

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