August 1, 2008

Try New Search Engine Cuil for Size

A search result by Cuil

Size does matter for the folks at If being the "biggest search engine on the planet" with an index of more than 120 billion pages is not cool, then who else is cool?

Cuil (pronounced as COOL) is the new search engine that was launched on July 28 with great fanfare and, according to some pundits, it has the potential to nudge market leader Google down a peg or two. Google has seen off a long line of search challengers and it will be interesting to see whether Cuil will pose a real threat this time.

Cuil is an ancient Celtic word for Knowledge, reflecting the background of co-founder and CEO, Tom Costello, who hails from Drogheda, Ireland.

The other co-founders of this exciting new search engine are former Googlers Anna Patterson and Russell Power of the TeraGoogle Project.

According to Cuil, their goals are to index the whole Web which has been growing exponentially in the last 15 years. Cuil scour the Internet, indexing more pages than anyone else, Google included. They are doing it with a new approach in search, creating an entirely new architecture and breakthrough algorithms.

One good aspect coming out of Cuil is that they don't collect data of users unlike Google.

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